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Francesca Battistelli

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February 23, 2013

Nearly six years have gone by since Plumb's last proper full-length release, Blink, and even that was a big style departure for Tiffany Lee, trading in her edgy alt rock for gentle lullabies and ballads. Need You Now is a return to form, enough that it wouldn't be a stretch to call it a sequel to Chaotic Resolve, though perhaps a bit toned down. It's a mix of the signature styles you'd expect on a Plumb record: the raging rock grit of "Invisible" and "Cage," the ethereal pop vibe of "Drifting" and "Need You Now," and the playful romantic tunes "One Drop" and "Chocolate and Ice Cream." This makes for an eclectic batch of relentlessly hooky pop and rock songs, all unified by Tiffany's distinctive voice. Overall, it's not as aggressive as her previous work, but Need You Now shows off the many sides of Plumb and is another strong entry in her career's beautiful history...

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Invisible (3:38) Drifting (w/ Dan Haseltine) (3:13) Beautiful (4:32) One Drop (3:54) I Want You Here (5:14) Say Your Name (3:23) Unlovable (3:55) Need You Now (How Many Times) (4:14) Chocolate & Ice Cream (3:21) I Don't Deserve You (4:12) Cage (3:19) At Arm's Length (5:02) I Don't Deserve You (with Paul van Dyk) (3:32)

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